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Your Entertainment should be entertaining. 

Zoom straight into the vibrant vibes of yesteryears with Planet Retro! Bringing the fabulous 50s, swinging 60s, sassy 70s, and electrifying 80s back to life, Planet Retro is your ticket to an unforgettable night soaked in the golden tunes of times gone by.

It’s Not Just About the Tunes:

  • Rock and Roll, with Control: Our band is not just about hitting the high notes. From bouncing beats for boogie nights to serene strums for subtle soirées, we’ve mastered the art of mood music.

  • Tailored Tunes for Your Tribe: Reading the room is our rhythm. We craft our playlist to mirror the pulse of your party, keeping every guest grooving in glee.

  • Dapper Dudes, Stellar Shows: With a flair for fashion and a penchant for punctuality, we’re always dressed to the nines and primed to perform.

In the world of Planet Retro, every note narrates a nostalgic tale, every chord conjures a cherished memory, and every song is a trip down the melody lane. So why wait? Slip into the groove with Planet Retro and make your bash a blast from the past, filled with fun, frolic, and fantastic tunes!

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