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Step right up and meet Jonathan Plummer, the genius orchestrating the sensational beats and visuals at Event Maestro Entertainment (EME). With his eye on the cutting edge of technology and an ear finely tuned to the latest audio trends, Jonathan is always ready to bring innovative and exciting solutions to the stage.

Launching EME in 2018 was just the beginning. Alongside him in this harmonious venture is Meagan, his wonderful wife and co-owner of EME. While Jonathan and his team are laying down the beats and ensuring every event is an audio-visual masterpiece, Meagan is the harmony behind the scenes, managing all things administrative. Together, they are a duo hitting all the right notes, ensuring the smooth flow of the melody of their burgeoning enterprise.

Navigating the world of technology, events, and family with grace and expertise, the Plummers are a testament to synergy and success. Jonathan’s technical prowess paired with Meagan’s organizational skills keeps EME in perfect rhythm, making every event not just a gathering, but a symphony of unforgettable experiences. Here’s to the Plummers, striking the right chords and setting the stage for phenomenal events and a harmonious life.

Jonathan Plummer

CEO and Founder

Our Team

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

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Jonathan Plummer


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Meagan Plummer

Office Manager/CEO

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Chad Harrision

Sound Tech

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Seraphina Victoria

Marketing Manager

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